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Selfie Love

Love Thy Selfie: Three Steps to Embracing and Loving YOU!

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We are just days away from Valentine’s Day. And for some, this Celebration of love, friendship and romance is welcomes by cutesy messages, chocolates, teddy bears and candlelit dinners. But for some, Valentine’s Day is just another reminder that the desire for companionship, oneness and a relationship is a goal that hasn’t been achieved.

For all of use, it should be a time of year where we do a Self Check and really examine how much Love we are actually showing to ourselves. Now, I don’t mean the Selfie Love that we share on Instagram with the perfect lighting, make-up and smile. I mean the real Self Love. The love that extends beyond public perception and looks at your core.

If you want to go beyond showing outward expressions of Love for others and REALLY want to embrace some #SelfieLove, follow these tips

  1. Embrace Me Time- You spend so much time busy, going from one meeting to the next, From volunteering to networking, spending time with the family, brunch with friends and being a support to your those you mentor. But what about you? When is the last time you’ve spent significant (at least 12 consecutive hours awake) with just you? For many of us, we keep are schedules jammed packed so we don’t have to get alone. But guess what? If there’s any chance for you to truly Love and enjoy time with someone else, you have to enjoy time with YOU!
  2. List What Makes You Uniquely You- STOP Everything and take the next 5 minutes and make a list of ALL the things that are unique to you. From your eye and hair color to your love for Pythons, your comic book collection or your desire to make handmade greeting cards :) Whatever it is, add it to the list. It’s all of these Unique Qualities combine that make you. Unique, Beautiful, Creative YOU!
  3. Celebrate Your Quirks- Whether it’s the unconventional habit you have, your unique physical attribute or a hobby you absolutely LOVE, Celebrate it! There are so many components of you that are a unique combination that make up you! These are your differentiators. The things that set you apart. They deserve to not only be acknowledged (hope you created your list!) but also Celebrated.


Once you’ve spent some time with you, made your list and Celebrated your Uniqueness, you can now flip you phone to Selfie mode and snap a few pics that fully embrace and show you Loving Thy Selfie


Happy Valentine’s Day!




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