About A Happy Slappy Greeting


A Happy Slappy Greeting started in 2010 as a hobby. I was working for a community based organization in Philadelphia but felt unfulfilled with life. I was spending time with friends, actively engaged in my church community, but knew there was something missing. During a conversation with a friend where I was venting my frustrations, I realized that I had not incorporated a creative outlet into my life. After some probing from my friend, I decided that two days at week after work I would come home and make greeting cards- something I’ve enjoyed doing since high school. My evenings of card making quickly turned into my hobby. I showed my card designs to friends and coworkers and they started buying my greeting cards- and telling others! Before I knew it, I was starting a business!

Today, we are more than a handmade greeting card company. Yes, we have definitely grown! A Happy Slappy Greeting is a Creative Strategy and Handmade Design Firm.

Creative Strategy Whether your a hobbyist, a dreamer, accidental entrepreneur, blogger or social change agent, AHSG has the expertise to help you start your creative enterprise, build your social movement, gain consistency and a customer base, develop systems and fully live out your Destiny on earth.

Handmade Designs- From greeting cards to scrapbooks, vision journals and invitations, handmade paper products are the cornerstone of who we are. We love paper and enjoy creating beautifully designed products that allow you to show your love, appreciation and adoration for everyone in your life!