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How To Enjoy The Holiday Season… While Embracing Your Creative Genius (part 2)


Make this Holiday Season The Best one Yet for 2015 and for years to come. Ready to Know How? Below you’ll find part 2 of A Happy Slappy Greeting’s Guide to Enjoying the Holiday Season: While Embracing Your Creative Genius. 

Step 5: Get Inspired! There’s inspiration Everywhere! From store windows to Pinterest and even Creative Blogs. Choose A Theme: Weave that theme into every aspect of your holiday planning. Think through subtle ways of including the theme into your event, into your collateral and even into your gift giving.

Step 6: Plan For Imperfection. We can plan, plan and plan in pursuit of Perfection, but as we all know, there are unexpected things that come up. Plan for Imperfection. We’ve found that out of the imperfections, the things we didn’t expect, that’s where we are required to get really Creative and really show ourselves what our Creative Genius is made of. Look for the imperfections and rather than stressing about them, use them as opportunities to get more creative.

Step 7: Celebrate and Be Present! Get in the spirit, Follow the Steps and then Celebrate. Celebrate the memories that arise as you listen to old holiday songs from Childhood. When attending holiday events, be fully present there. Celebrate the Creative Genius that you see in others through their events. Enjoy your Signature event. Sometimes when hosting we miss the chance to for fun. You’ve done all the work, when the event begins make a commitment to yourself to Celebrate and Be present at your Event. And finally Embrace the imperfections and let your Creative Genius Rise to The Top!


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