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How To Enjoy The Holiday Season… While Embracing Your Creative Genius (part 1)


It’s the most Wonderful Time Of The Year. The 2015 Holiday Season is upon us. The cool brisk air is consistent, Pumpkin Spice Late is in abundance (Everywhere!) and your dreams of a successful holiday season run through your mind. 

But wait, there’s so much to do. So many holiday parties to attend.  The ones you, your children and/ or your spouse are invited to AND the ones you hope to plan without a hitch. You’ve saved several images of Peppermint drinks, holiday cards and DIY decorations on Pinterest. You’ve drafted your guest list, or gift lists and maybe even made a lists of cool Must See activities or events to include this holiday season. Make this Holiday Season The Best one Yet for 2015 and for years to come. Ready to Know How? Below you’ll find A Happy Slappy Greeting’s Guide to Enjoying the Holiday Season: While Embracing Your Creative Genius. 

Step 1: Make Your Holiday Play List: Yup! You have to ease yourself into the Holiday Season. Your brain has to get ready to enjoy all the excitement and anticipation of the Holiday with your favorite tunes. The most successful Holiday Play Lists includes a mix of Pop versions of classic tunes and The Donny Hathaway and Temptations classics that remind you of Christmas at Grandmom’s House. This Playlist is a must if you want to have the right environment to really tackle Holiday Happy with real joy and wonder. 

Holiday Happy Recommendation: Make Your Playlist Right NOW! Have your Favs playing in the background while you continue reading this guide!

Step 2: Manage Your Events: With Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas” playing in the background it’s time to look at your Calendar. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with invites and obligations. Do not let the Holiday season Happen to you! Manage it by adding all of your events to a Fun Downloadable Holiday Calendar. Use your creative genius to color code the various events between the Must Attends, Might Attends and So Sorry I can’t Make It’s. Planning for where you want to be and need to be this holiday season will ensure that you manage the holiday and enjoy the fun!

Step 3: Set the Date For Your Signature Event. That’s Right, this is where it gets really fun. What’s your Holiday Happy event this year? Whether it’s a Cookie Exchange, Ugly Sweater Party or Kiddie New Years Bash, making sure you secure your date with enough time to incorporate all of your Creative Genius will ensure that you are Happy along with everyone else in your home this season. 

Step 4: Collateral: We know for some of us, it’s not planning the holiday for ourself but instead for your Creative Business. Well, now is the time to plan how you will communicate with your audience this Holiday Season. Keep in mind, you have from this moment until Jan 5th to Communicate with your audience. You can choose to send Holiday cards (snail mail or electronically) wishing a Joyful Holiday Season, Happy Hanaukkah, Kwanzaa or Merry Christmas. But you can also avoid acknowledging any of the holidays and focus on New Years. An awesome trend is sending out Happy New Year cards. It’s a great way for your communication to standout from all the other “collateral” that’s being received this holiday. 

Join A Happy Slappy Greeting at one of our Upcoming “Get Holiday Happy: Creative Inspriration Nights.”

It’s a great chance to connect with other Creative Genius’s and Create your collateral. 

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